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Laser Cutting & Engraving

We can cut and engrave/etch a large variety of materials including acrylic, wood, slate, cork and card. Some materials are kept in stock whilst others are ordered in for specific projects. We specialise in small format laser cutting, working with material sizes of up to 600 x 400mm.

See our materials page for more detailed information.

Signs & Plaques

We offer small format custom signs and plaques in slate, acrylic and wood. For residential or commercial use.

For more detail information about the types of signage we offer please click here.

Promotional & Branded Products

Promotional or branded stencils, coasters, placemats, chopping boards, signs, lettering and more. A great way to showcase your brand in a unique and different way!

Wedding Accessories

Beautiful bespoke wedding accessories to make your day extra special. From signs to gifts click here to find out more.

Art & Design Collaborations

We work with local artists and designers to help create beautiful pieces for residential and commercial interiors, exhibitions, craft, and art installations.

Custom Stencils

We offer custom made stencils in a range of thicknesses and up to 600mm wide. Ideal for business or personal use.


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